Meditation can open your new possibilities.



Since I started meditation in May 2013, several changes have happened in my life.

Meditation makes you see the next challenge you can overcome to open your new possibilities.

What I needed to learn at that time was to stop being dependent on a romantic relationship for my happiness too much.

At that time I was so unstable and worried by what my partner said and did.

Perhaps many people have had this kind of experience, especially women.

At the beginning I complained a lot to him, and we had a lot of arguments but it didn’t work..

And then I realized that I was responsible for my own happiness instead of expecting to get happy feeling from him.

I had an idea: what I could do was to compose music and record…

I did as much as I could…

I composed a lot of tunes and recorded them, it was fun and it made me very happy.

I concentrated on making music and recording to escape from my insecure feeling which came from my need to depend on another person too much.

Now I can record anything myself…
It’s a little miracle for me…

One of my hopes came true.

I believe FF meditation brought this into my life.

When you meditate your drama stops for a while, you can access an infinite world.
This is called 「Ku」in Zen, 「Ku」makes your perception expand to observe your reality.

In brief, I have transformed from being someone who complains a lot to being a person who takes responsibility for her negative emotions.

What a wonderful thing to have happened!

My new possibilities have been opened…
FF meditation makes you live more in your essence, this is called Dharma.

I think to face your worries is very valuable.

Many people feel they don’t have power and so they give up or just keep complaining about their worries.

FF meditation is a very powerful tool to help us open our new possibilities and talents.

That’s why many Buddhist images represent meditation.
I think meditation is one of the most powerful ancient magical tools.

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