Mother Earth Meditation

We wanted to do something to make a difference for our Mother Earth. And then we got an inspiration to make a guided meditation video with our own music. We can meditate with this guidance music to visualize healing Mother Earth, other people and ourselves. This is a very simple and powerful tool for the world and for ourselves to transform to a higher frequency. In many religions and also in science it has long been acknowledged that all of the Universe was created and is held together by energy, by vibration, by sound.                 “In the Beginning There Was the Word”, sounds familiar?

For a long time now this planet Earth has been on a lower frequency, a denser energy. Greed, lust for power and domination and a disregard for the natural order of things are all expressions of this lower frequencies. This has created many problems for humanity and for the Earth itself and it is now time for the world to move into a higher frequency in order to resolve these issues. We can all help this process by tuning in to these higher vibrations. We can do this by meditating. This is the purpose of our video.

 Miri, who is also a teacher in Fulfillment Meditation, provided the guidance vocal in both Japanese and English. Her teacher Bob Fickes offered adding some powerful chanting to the soundtrack.
Shall we begin to create a harmonious and peaceful world?…

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