How to start Fulfilment meditation..



macro photo of a Paua shell…beautiful…!



                                                                    Welcome to my blog!

In this blog I would like to share some of my experiences from Fulfilment  Meditation day by day.

 I started Fulfillment Meditation(I call it FF meditation) in May 2013, after attending a talk by Bob Fickes, who runs the Fulfilment Meditation program in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He explained that many years ago he was taught this meditation by Master Babaji in a dream…It got me very interested because Babaji is one of my favorite masters. I have prayed to his photo I found in a book written by Yoga Nanda. So, in short, that’s how it started for me.

I have since been on several meditation retreats at  Bob’s center in Chiang Mai and even became a qualified meditation teacher! This qualification allows me to give a Mantra to people and instruct them how to meditate with this Mantra.

On a personal note: I worried about the relationship with my partner, Joost, who, like me, is a passionate musician. Before we met I had not been in a relationship for some time. Our being together has become very intimate and deep and very honest, maybe that’s why it is easy to find things I don’t like about him. Yet I didn’t like myself getting upset too easily by what he says and does.. I struggled with the relationship to keep a feeling of security.

That’s why I wanted to start meditation because I knew that  meditation can give peace and a quiet mind which helps stop me from getting obsessed with all the drama in this world. It helps me to remember that our essential being means emptyness called “KU”(in Japanese Zen)

Meditation gives you Ku, stillness. Ku lets you release what you are too dependent on, especially how what happens in your life affects your happiness.
Being in the state of Ku makes you feel more happy without there being any special reason.

So my worrying about my partner made me start FF meditation.
I think it’s true that whatever happens in your life is always perfect for you, especially the more challenging things!
Perhaps I should appreciate Joost making me worried…

stars2                                                             an image from the Hubble telescope.

             Notice it’s not so different from the photo of the Paua shell at the top of this page.                                                                                      As above, so below!


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