Monthly Archives: August 2015

More on dancing…

We are about to go to another ceremony, this one is called DrumDance or FeatherDance. The principle is the same: dancing whilst dry fasting, preceded by a sweat lodge ceremony. The form and duration are different. This dance is a day shorter and there is no arbour, just a line on which the dancers hang feathers. They dance to and fro along a straight path, which they create as the Dance progresses.

Both Miri and I will dance. This is the first time we dance together and also the first time for either of us to dance a FeatherDance. Dancing together does not mean there will be much contact between us, it’s very much an individual experience. We will not speak much, if at all, and sleep in separate tents. Yet, being there doing the same thing will likely bring us closer and afterwards we will have bonded even more than we already have.

Personally, I will go without any expectations of ‘special’ experiences although there will most probably be some. But what shape or form they will take is as yet unknown and I kind of like it that way. It’s like having a blank canvas to paint on, anything could happen!

So let the mystery unfold!

I may write some more on this when we come back…