Meditation: a Magical Tool to attract your hopes !!!


Last time in my blog I shared some insight about how to make the Law of Attraction more effective by meditating everyday to heal and release the fears and traumas in your subconsciousness.

Now I have another insight about  how to make this law more effective:

If you are attached to your hopes to come true, it doesn’t work well. For example,

If you think that you want a lot of money, it means that you are attached to the idea of becoming rich.

→ You complain about not having a lot of money.

→ You focus on NOT having money. The Law of Attraction will automatically respond to this thought. Result: No money!

That’s why it’s important to transform your way of being in order to be rich.

How is it possible to be rich when you don’t have money?

There is a law: your vibration attracts the situation which corresponds or resonates with that vibration.

For example when you are not rich yet, if you can be generous to others with kindness, it means your vibration is that you are rich enough to give kindness to others.

In this case you can attract the situation in which you would be rich.

The law works like that, without fail!

Yet often it is difficult to let go of attachment even if we understand rationally that this is what we need to do.

Yes I have had these cases in my life often…

These are automatic reactions that come from traumas, patterns and conditioning.

What we can do in this case is to meditate…

The energy of Ku we getting from meditation reminds us of unconditional joyfulness, how wonderful it is to live in the here and now, it helps to clear our patterns.

And then we can transform from being attached to not being attached.

Meditation makes your hopes and wishes come true easier.

That’s why I recommend the people who are interested in changing their life in a good way to meditate. Even though it may seem a little boring to sit and meditate, it has great effectiveness.

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