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To accept life as it is: Compassion


I’m going to think of what works when you see difficult situation in your life.

Here is a thought:

What happens in your life doesn’t have meaning.

That may sound strange yet it is true. It has no meaning of itself. Only we can give meaning to things. And we have to bear in mind that many meanings are taught to us by the culture we happen to live in.

For instance, in this cultural world the computer means the computer, we know its function, it’s true to us.

But to, say, a Bushman the computer is just an object.
It doesn’t have true meaning.

Vice versa, we can look at a piece of stone and think it’s just a piece of stone but the Bushman may have many uses for it and so it may mean a tool, a piece of jewellery or a weapon to him.

Therefore, meaning depends on the context and cultural background.

Added to this, we tend to automatically make meaning with the thought of good and bad.

When something happens that we experience as ‘bad’ we have made a judgment about it. This judgment then shapes our reaction and influences the final outcome of the situation.

Now I would like to say something from spiritual oneness.

We can see our life as a film, a movie in which we are the the actors. What we can do is to experience and live with the script as it is.

Then, if something which doesn’t go well in your life, what you can do is just to act with this script. What happens is only the drama, the story that we are are acting.

If you see yourself from the directors point of view you can say that you done well with script as it is, you can acknowledge yourself as you are.

I had a similar experience, when I took the long FF meditation course in Chiang Main.

During meditation I kept feeling angry and frustrated.

I asked why, even though I have meditated a lot, I still couldn’t control my anger.

Bob told me that before I was born I chose to act with this script in my life, if I hadn’t accepted this ‘part’ someone else would have needed to take responsibility for this.

This isn’t karma that you have created, there is karma you take on as your ‘part’ in the ‘Great Play of Life’.

I was surprised, I felt I had not been able to forgive myself because I couldn’t stop expressing my anger to others.
I realized that I had identified myself with the actor in the film. But I’m not her.

Now I can observe myself as a person who watches this film. In a way I have become a co-director.
At that time I got that: Nothing is wrong, Everything is OK! It’s just a story!

And then I could say that I have done well, because I have taken responsibility for a part of human karma.

Is this real Compassion?

To accept what doesn’t go well as it is.

If some ‘bad’ thing happens we tend to take it personally. We think something must be wrong with us and we feel guilty or ashamed. We’re ‘not good enough’.
But actually you don’t need to blame yourself, it’s just the ego that identifies with all this. And the ego is not our essence, not our soul.

When my mother died 8 years ago I felt that somehow it was my fault. Why else would such a terrible thing happen to me?

But then I surrendered and accepted the reality that everyone will die someday.
I experienced compassion.

I have another experience in which I failed and lost a lot of money

even though I did my best to make money for donations to good causes.

But when I thought about it more, I found that it wasn’t really a failure, it was a lesson!

I accepted this script as it is and then I could feel grateful for my happiness because I could live in warm house and have my family and my friends.

When you get a not so good story in your life, simply remember yourself as you are without any stories.

I remember that when I lost my mother I cried a lot and after that I felt hungry and remembered myself without stories.

Now I’m writing this blog, I can say that I’m happy, I’m in a caravan,
there is a comfortable breeze, I’m drinking cardamom chai which is my favourite and I’m writing what I want. All very simple things,

I think real happiness depends on how much you can allow yourself to be happy, how much you can appreciate the little things in life.

You can be happy easily without any special good conditions. Watch and learn from children, they are very good at this, it comes naturally to them because they don’t have the high expectations of adults yet.

Only do what feels good to your soul, never mind your ego. To live doing what you like helps to live in Dharma.

To live in harmony with the Universe.

If you live like that joyfully, you attract higher vibration reality from your vibration, in other words: more happiness.

That’s why I choose to create a script in which we are in a perfect script and I forgive whatever happens in my life unconditionally.

I’m going to be peaceful.