Meditation can heal your traumas and fears….



For a long time I have been interested in the law of attraction and the notion that our thoughts shape our reality.  I read many books about these things and once bought a famous (and  expensive!) program.

Many of my dreams have come true and I have experienced many miracles in my life.

I can now say that meditation is one of the most effective tools to realize our power of attraction.

There is a law: What you think attracts what happens in your life.

Once I realized this, I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be possible to attract being wealthy by my thoughts.

It seemed impossible.

There are two kinds of thoughts, those that exist in our consciousness and those that exist in our subconsciousness. What most people are not aware of is that most of our consciousness is actually subconsciousness.

That’s why if you don’t work with your subconsciousness it’s very difficult to attract your desired result.

I think that in our subconsciousness traumas and fears from your past or past life can be hidden.

If you have a big trauma or fear in your subconsciousness it attracts what happens in your life without you being aware of it. 
Usually these are undesirable results.

Negative thoughts and emotions tend to form patterns, we go round in circles without understanding why this keeps happening.

And now there is a question, what can I do to heal the fear or trauma in my subconsciousness and so stop these unhelpful patterns from ruling my life?

Usually we can’t do anything in our subconsciousness because it is difficult to access something that we are not aware of!

I have found that meditation works on our subconsciousness releasing our fears and traumas with the energy of Ku which is empty infinite world. In this state it is possible to release the patterns that don’t work for us.

How wonderful to meditate for 30min twice a day.

In FF meditation we use a mantra which is a sacred sound that we are given by a teacher. We also use a yantra which is a geometric figure.
 Unlike some other meditation practices, in FF meditation we only use the mantra and yantra once at the very beginning of our meditation.
After that we let them go. It’s important not to try to do something or expect a certain kind of experience. 
The essence of this meditation is to let go.

If thoughts or emotions arise it’s fine, it’s all part of the process.

During meditation Ku energy starts to clear your fears and traumas automatically. When your subconsciousness is clear, without big fears and traumas you can attract your hopes easier, quicker and more powerfully.

Many people go to a sacred place to get special energy.

Meditation is very useful because you can generate special energy by yourself with daily meditation.

I find that people who meditate twice a day look younger and more beautiful from inside.

It’s more useful than to go to some beauty salon…

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