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Album “Leela”

Our CD ‘Leela’ was recorded in Scotland shortly after we met and mixed later in Tokyo. The tunes are all Miri’s original music (except ‘Sakura’, a trad. arr. Japanese song) with Joost improvising melodies on different guitars.

This CD is all instrumental music with some nature sounds, birdsong, the sound of rain…. 
The title “Leela” means the pleasure of God in the ancient Sanscrit language…

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Album “Leela”

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Single (MP3) “Leela”

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Single (WAV) “Leela”

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 Below is the tracklist with some samples….enjoy!


track 1     Morning Dew


track 2     Bossa Driving


track 3     Canoe


track 4     In Scotland


track 5    Rain


track 6    In Scotland (Bossa)


track 7    Desert Night


track 8    Like Satie


track 9    French Stroll


track 10  Sakura Sakura


track 11  Camel


track 12  Mushroom


bonus track  Water Prayer